37 Smile and Be Happy Quotes with Images [2017]

37 Smile and Be Happy Quotes with Images [2017]

Be happy quotes or sayings are all over the web. You can literally search for thousands of happy quotes and sayings from different kinds of websites and some of them provide images that make it more meaningful. When we hear the word “Happiness“, each of us has our own understanding of what it means. Each of us has our own way of making ourselves and others happy. Happiness seems like an odd word to those who are experiencing emotional pain. It’s like they haven’t been happy the day they were born that they forgot how to be one, that they forgot that it exists. Each of us needs to be reminded that we don’t need to find happiness, it’s already within us, we just have to change how we see things and practice smiling every day! We have 37 Be Happy Quotes and Sayings below that will give you inspiration each day to be happy.

Be Happy Quotes and Sayings

1.Be happy and Smile

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This is a number one rule for all of us. In order for us to be happy, we should smile. A smile is a curve in our body that shows a person’s sexiness.

2. Create your own Happiness

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All of us is responsible for our own happiness. We can’t experience it if we are too much pre-occupied with the things that we want although we already have the things that make us happy in front of us.

3.Happiness is like Jam

Happiness is contagious. As they say, whatever emotions you portray to others, it will automatically be mirrored. So if you give a smile to some stranger today, they will definitely smile back.

4. We all deserve to be Happy

Every one of us deserves to be happy. We just have to take that leap that leads to it. Being happy should never be a choice because if it is, then we can never experience it fully.

5. Be Happy Quotes by Leo Tolstoy

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A saying from Leo Tolstoy, reminding us that if today, we want to be happy, then let it be. There’s no one out there who can tell us when to be happy, so it might as well start within us.

6. A good life is full of Happy Moments

In order for us not to regret anything, we should fill our lives with happy memories that we can surely treasure for a lifetime. Certain circumstances will make us go into despair but we can always replace with happy moments.

7.Be Happy Quotes by Anne Frank

A message from Anne Frank, that we should appreciate the beauty that we have around us to be happy. We are surrounded by beautiful people and beautiful surroundings, learn to stop for a while, admire the wonders and feel good inside.

8. Never lose Happiness

A very powerful quote between anger and happiness. We should never allow anger take over us for we lose happiness.

9. Find reasons to be Happy

Let us find reasons to be happy. May it be an appreciation of the wonders of the world, a promotion, or even a birth of a newborn. If we appreciate simple things in life, then happiness will come to you as fast as a struck of lightning.

10. Happiness is a Journey

It is true that in life, we come across events that prevent us from happiness. Life’s journey is not about having a stable job, having lots of money, but life is creating a road to happiness.

11.Don’t Worry, Be Positive

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Do what makes you happy, don’t worry about the obstacles ahead, as long as you stay positive, everything will fall into place.

12. Don’t be afraid to Walk away

People come and go. If they are meant to stay in our lives, then they will find a way to never walk away. If you feel that a person is better off without you, then give way. It is the only way for you to find your own happiness too!

13. Be Happy in times of Sadness

Let’s admit it, women are more emotional than men. Women sometimes tend to be emotionally irrational when it comes to love and commitment. Although women act this way, they are very strong when it comes to handling sadness because they always find a way to divert the emotion to happiness, which makes them a very strong individual.

14.Decisions that leads to Happiness

In life, we should always decide for our own happiness. We should think carefully if the choices that were going to make will make us happy to avoid any regrets.

15. Happiness is a result of your Choices

As in individual, it is our nature to be self-actualized. Some of us, although already self-fulfilled, always feel that there is something missing. If we do things whole-heartedly, then happiness is not hard to find.

16.Do what makes you Happy

Always be happy and appreciate what you have. Opportunities will come in the least that you expect, so might as well be happy while looking forward to the best things that can happen.

17. Be Happy and Be Positive

If we learn to look at the bright side of life, then there will be no reason for you to be sad. Be happy, because being happy is good.

18. Be Happy, It drives people Crazy

All of us have haters. They always talk behind our back and we often wonder why? We haven’t done anything bad to them. If we show them that we are happy despite all the negative things that they are saying, then it will drive them crazy because we will never get affected.

19. Count the Reasons to be Happy

We have many reasons to stay happy. The fact that we are blessed beyond what we deserve is the plain sole reason why we should be happy and contented of what we have right now.

20. Be Happy Quotes by Hellen Keller

Some of us always want more than what we have, even billionaires want even more! It is just a matter of contentment. If we are happy with what we have today, then, of course, you will get what you want in the future.

21.Pursuit of Happiness

We all know the movie The Pursuit of Happiness. A very touching movie where a father takes care of his son while trying to find a job without a home. All of us is trying to pursuit different things to find happiness.

22.Hard work leads to a Beautiful Life

We desire of having a beautiful life with our family. And of course, it will not just happen if we do not put hard work and sacrifice to the life that we want.

23. Life itself is the Reason

The fact that we are given a lifetime to celebrate and experience life here on earth, let us spend it as happy as we could. A lifetime is only a one time opportunity for us.

24.Simple Rules to be Happy Quotes

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We have five simple rules to be happy. Let’s have faith in the Lord that He will provide what our heart desires. Let us keep trying until we reach our goals. Let’s keep everything simple to avoid complications. Laugh at our problems because surely we can find a proper solution and let us stay as youthful as a kid and see things in their own perspectives.

25.Be Happy Quotes by Frederick Keong

Let us never forget that happiness doesn’t come from material things, but happiness comes from the love of family and friends.

26.Acceptance leads to Happiness

Accepting where we are in life and not wanting more will make us happy. Although we may not have the material things others may have, at least we have the love of the family that will be with us in life’s journey.

27.Seek Happiness

If we give happiness to others, it is also an opportunity for us to reflect and find the things that can make us happy.

28. Make others Happy

If you are happy, make someone happy as well so that someone can pass it on to another until each of us can feel the happiness that one person spreads.

29.Think Happy

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We always hear the words “think happy thoughts”. It is not just a good feeling but every time we think happy, we release our happy hormones and it makes us feel good all day.

30. Happy Quote by Dalai Lama

A very inspiring quote by the Dalai Lama. Our actions bring us happiness. So why not practice the acts of giving, sharing and loving so that everyone can be happy.

31. Be Happy Again

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After the painful experiences that we had, we realize that it’s time to be happy. It’s time to go back to our old self where we are happy by just appreciating simple things in life.

32. Decide to be Happy

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Let us not strive to be happy but let us decide to be happy now. Happiness is not for us to achieve but something we must feel each and every day of our lives.

33.Be Yourself

In a world today, people live by to please others. We have already forgotten how to keep it real so others would love us the way we are. We don’t need to pretend in order for others to like us. If we keep it real, then we will be happy.

34. Don’t be Miserable

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Cynthia Nelms reminds us that each of us is struggling differently. If you are cussing with the life that you have today, then might as well be happy because others cannot do anything about it unless you make an effort to change.

35. Surround yourself with Loved Ones

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Our family gives us unconditional love that we could ever expect. It makes us happy knowing that your family is always with you no matter what happens.

36.Just Let It Be

We should never force something to happen in order for us to be happy. Just let things fall into place, let things happen, and finally when it’s your turn, you will see and understand why you were never happy before.

37. Be Happy With What You Have

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In life, we still strive harder and harder to get the things that we want. We already have many achievements, but still we want more. We never realized that others are also dreaming of the things that we have that they can’t have. We should learn to appreciate and give to the needy to make them happy especially during Christmas time!

We hope that you were inspired by our Be Happy Quotes and Sayings. Never try to be happy, but instead make it a habit. Be happy that anyone who sees you can feel the positive vibe that you’re having. Be happy and spread it to others!